politics is to want something

torsdag, september 22, 2005

evidence of things unseen

This is what a racist looks like. No, he won't tell you he hates black folks. He's not a Klan member. He probably has one or two black friends. Yet this man, the chief of police for Gretna, Louisiana, ordered his officers to use physical force to keep over 200 mostly black escapees from Katrina out of the city. Today, he defends his action, even above reports that his officers confiscated food and water from the people seeking refuge in his affluent, white suburb. Every story has heroes and villians, this one too. Villian: heartless jerk (pictured). Heroes: the elitist cafe-dwelling intellectual socialist San Francisco academic-conference attendeees who were in the crowd. They broke the story and have kept it broke. I knew they were good for something.