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tirsdag, januar 18, 2005

Touchy White People

I know a lot of Touchy White People. Probably, you do, too. They are all over the place, in your school, on your block, at your Church, in the Supermarket buying milk. They are your friends and your coworkers. They teach your kids, they sell you comic books, they fix your computer. In California, especially, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Touchy White Person. It is important to remember that TWP’s are not the same as Angry White People. Those are the scary folks who think that white people are abused and discriminated against. Touchy White People just feel vaguely harassed, and judged unfairly simply because they are white. That’s a big difference. Unlike Angry White People, TWP’s don’t secretly hate nonwhite people. In fact, they think nonwhite people are great, even going out of their way sometimes to make friends with some of us. They would never support an organization or vote for a candidate who explicitly maligned nonwhite folks, though if you try to point out how their beliefs or actions implicitly hurt these people, they get upset and, well, touchy.

The last thing in the world that TWP’s want to be called is a racist. They hate the idea of it so much, in fact, that they don’t like it when you refer to them as even being white at all. They also get really upset if when you suggest that white people, even other white people, are racist. Amazingly, they will sometimes say that calling white people racist is itself racist. I’m serious. TWP’s are the reason that every movie about racism made in America has to include a few really good, non-racist white people. You can make a movie where all the black or brown people are criminals, but you can’t make a movie where all the white people are messed up racists. Can’t be done. Too many TWP’s. The only exceptions are Spike Lee movies. That’s what makes them controversial.

TWP’s have some favorite words. Their number one favorite is “generalizing”, as in “you can’t generalize and say that the Republican Party is racist.” Their number two favorite is “extreme”, as in, “I agree that there are problems, but its just extreme to say that all white people bear some responsibility to make things more equal.” They also like “irrational”, “hysterical” and the phrase, “now you are being just as bad as they are.”

I bet, right now, some TWP is reading this and thinking “now he’s being just as bad as they are.”

It seems that there are two different kinds of TWP. There are those who are touchy because they think there are a lot of big problems in America, but that they are doing everything they can to stop it. Usually, these types of TWPs aren’t actually doing anything to stop it, and that’s why black and brown people keep bothering them. The second kind of TWP thinks that “all that stuff is in the past”, and that people should just “get over it.” These folks like to remind you of all the great achievers from your community. They usually give you a little list. I always tell these folks that if they can name them all, there’s a problem. Anyway, this second group is just plain foolish, so I want to concentrate on the first one. They are the ones who use the words “generalizing”, “extreme” and “just as bad as they are” the most.

Let’s start with the “generalizing” thing. Touchy White White people love this one because it allows them to be the “super-anti-racist”. They get to defend themselves by making it seem as though they are defending the true ideals of equality and brotherhood. For them, being non-racist is about treating everyone as an individual. The problem with this way of thinking is that it assumes that everyone thinks this way. There are a lot of racist white people in America. They don’t wear hoods, have shaved heads,or salute the flag palm-up. They do, however, wear uniforms and murder black people. They do get together to keep brown people from moving in next door. They do draw red lines around entire neighborhoods to keep us from getting business loans. And, they do vote to cut taxes that they think will give money to black and brown people. There is a reason that the South left the Democratic Party when it became the party of integration. Strom Thurmond was not the exception. He was the rule.

Black and brown folks generalize because there is a general problem, and it’s a huge and important one in our daily lives.

Lastly, we are not just as bad as they are. We didn’t capture anyone or burn down anyone’s civilization. We don’t systematically exclude, exploit or vilify white people. Even if we wanted to, we don’t have the power to. If all the black people in the country hated white people, it wouldn’t change white people’s lives very much. As I said before, our generalizations are defensive strategy, not a tool to hold anybody down.

Sorry, did that last part scare you?

The basic thing to keep in mind is that a lot of black and brown people are angry. They are angry that their schools suck, that there are more of them in prison than in college, that they are poorer than white people, that their elections are stolen, that people keep saying that they are lazy. They are angry at each other for some of this, and they understand that some white people have it pretty bad. But they are still angry about racism. So when they hear that they are being irrational, or that they should just calm down, that makes them more angry. It’s just patronizing.


Blogger sinistaswoll said...

"They are angry that ...their elections are stolen"

- Yeah white people stole the election. Oddly the state that most Democrats say was stolen is Ohio. Funny how Ohio's chief election officer, Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, just happens to be a black American!

"They are angry that ....their schools suck"

- This is where "No Child Left Behind" and School Vouchers come in!

May I suggest a book that made me see this on a whole new level. "Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America" by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. Now I may not agree with this book in a few places, I do feel it to be a very informative read.

Anyways, welcome to Blogger.


onsdag, januar 19, 2005 8:36:00 p.m.

Blogger Bob said...

man f that whitey. this james guy is a parigdigmatic example of why despite daraka's nice exposition, there's no freakin difference between the AWP and the TWP (or the WTA or the AVP for that matter). actually he's the worst kind, a AWP who tries to pass himself off as a rational TWP, or as i like to call them, DB's, which stands for DOUCHEBAGS. i mean seriously, he's trying to blame black people for their problems. as if the black leadership caused europeans to import slaves into america. what an asshat!

anyways, d keep fightin' the good fight my man, and let's hunt down the james of the world and kick their nuts in.

torsdag, januar 20, 2005 8:11:00 a.m.

Blogger daraka kenric said...

I don't know James' racial identity, but if he is white, he's proving my point pretty well, here. So, the Secretary of State of Ohio is black, he's still acting to suppress the black vote in order to help his party. Black folks participate in racist structures of power, just as women participate in sexism, Jews in anti-semitism, etc. TWP's are always bringing these folks up as examples in order, falsely, to assert that race is not at play. I'll check out the book he suggests, if only to keep tabs on the creepy phenomenon of black conservatism.

torsdag, januar 20, 2005 9:08:00 a.m.

Blogger Erik said...

Ken Blackwell, the Ohio Secretary of State, is a recipient of the dubious Wal-Mart Douchebag Award over at The Most Important Blog... Ever, and for good reason.

Just because he's black it doesn't mean that he isn't working to suppress black votes. In fact -- it's a brilliant move by the republican governor of Ohio to appoint a black person as the chief elections officer because it leads well-intentioned people like James to say "Hey, he's black so he can't be racist!"

In fact, Blackwell notoriously refused to accept voter registrations (mostly Democratic and mostly from minority would-be voters) simply because the registration cards weren't on heavy-stock paper. He oversaw the reduction of the number of Election Day ballot boxes in heavily Democratic, black polling places. In a much maligned decision, Blackwell ruled that provisional ballots must be cast in the voter's proper polling place -- even though the reason someone would vote a provisional ballot is because he or she was confused about what polling place to go to.

This guy is a douchebag, and an Uncle Tom. But he sure is beloved by TWP.

torsdag, januar 20, 2005 10:13:00 a.m.

Blogger ThievingMagpie said...

There should be better words to describe the different terms of 'ANGRY' for this discussion. It would also help me in my other political discussions. For example when I read things like James' posts, I do not have the patience to argue why things like a non-funded 'no child left behind' program won't work or that school vouchers inevitably lead to the end of public education and a furtehr polarized society (which I am sure is ultimately what James wants)... I am not just angry, I want James to die a horrible slow painful death.

lørdag, januar 22, 2005 10:14:00 p.m.

Anonymous Nina Z said...

Sigh. BTW James, and all, There is one section of the "NCLB Act" that seems fully functional.

Schools MUST turn over names, phone numbers and addresses of all High School Seniors and Juniors - to the US Military for recruiting purposes, OR LOOSE THEIR FEDERAL FUNDING. (There is an opt out option available, mostly presented in the fine print.)

So, in times of rising unemployment, the military has free reign at seducing our young folks to die - or come home dismembered - at the ripe old ages of 18-23.

And where is the most recruiting going on ? Black and brown communities - where employment and funding for college is scarcest.

And who is targeted in these communities ?
"It targets those who would normally be eligible for
a college education but because of economic disadvantages find the illusions pressed by the
military attractive. Wake up! When a qualified Chicano or Latino is taken out of the
community, they remove educational capital, valuable role models, the consequences of which
will be felt in future generations" - From "Giving Hypocrisy a bad name" by Rodolfo F. Acuña PhD., Northrige (full article at http://www.larazaunida.com/acunalnr2.pdf#search='Giving%20Hypocrisy%20a%20bad%20name%20Rodolfo%20F.%20Acuña')

I imagine the same would hold true in our black communities.

OK, stopping here - but could go on re why do we still have "Black" and "Brown" communities if there's no racism ?

Just trying to keep it all in perspective.

søndag, februar 20, 2005 10:12:00 p.m.

Anonymous Anonym said...

At first I thought this was going to be about people who are always giving hugs when you see them - all touchy and whatnot - but now I get it. I'm annoyed by SWP's (smelly white people), like this conservative guy on the floor below me at work. I don't think he bathes every day. And sometimes in the elevator he smells like sweat mixed with bologna.

mandag, februar 21, 2005 7:55:00 a.m.

Blogger C-Chrystine said...


You put your thoughts in a way that was being very generous to white people. I live in NYC, where you would think that the TWP would chill that shit out. HELL NO!. The TWP and AWP in this city are pissed that they are a minority. I was just on the 5 train yesterday and there was a small seat between a older West Indian lady and a white woman. There wasn't much space, so I sat on the edge of the seat so I wouldn't squish either of the people beside me.

The fucking white woman decided she's going to read her NY Times wide open, hitting me in the face every time she opened her paper. She kept this up for a stop or two. Really passive aggressive. Did she have a reason? No. Just wanted to be evil. The older West Indian lady and I look at each other and she shakes her head. I say out loud "She really thinks I'm just going to sit here and act like she's not doing that." I then shove my big brown ass into the seat and squeeze into her so she can't move. She just sat there, all touchy and huffy and said nothing.

Once a white woman got on the train and there was a row of men sitting down. She wanted a seat and came and stood in front of me, glaring at me and getting all huffy. I look at her and she says "How dare you not give me your seat" to which I counter "Bitch, you better ask one of these grown ass men to give you seat, cause I'm not getting up." None of the men moved and she stood the rest of the way, still glaring.

Whites are touchy because they know they suck and can't do anything about it. They know their days are numbered and the people they used for centuries to do the dirty work they felt was beneath them are now turning on them and taking the things they took for granted for themselves. All the white power nuts who say "mud people" are taking their jobs away, but how many white men do you know who are willing to deliver food or wash dishes for minimum wage?

I live in Inwood where last summer a young white girl jogging by the park got snatched up and killed. They say the killer lives in the neighborhood. What's interesting is that the neighborhood is predominately Dominican and you NEVER hear of Dominican girls getting abducted and strangled in the park. Why? Because they aren't jogging around with the false sense of security because they are white. White women in this city act like they can be drunk and half dressed or jogging in shorts and a walkman and not be a target. Only the white women in this neighborhood are scared. The Dominican and Black women are not because we'll cut your ass before you even have a chance to drag us somewhere.

I was born during at the end of the 60's Love thing and was raised to understand that people are people. And I still feel that way. But as I get older, my patience with whites is wearing thin. Let them be touchy. Fuck 'em. Let them learn to feel out of place like they made everyone else feel.

onsdag, mars 02, 2005 1:17:00 p.m.

Anonymous Anonym said...

you qre full of shit..

lørdag, august 13, 2005 8:41:00 p.m.

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Anonymous white heads said...

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Anonymous Anonym said...

White people are just scared. I am scared of black people, the ones I don't know. When white people meet other white people, they can assume that the other white person has similar ideas about life and the world. When white people see black people in their daily lives, the white people don't know what to expect. I never really thought much about black people when I was younger, not anything different than any other color, white or brown or yellow. But, I have had so many bad experiences with black people that now it makes me nervous to be around them, well at least black people I don't know.
I was downtown Chattanooga a while back, and this nice looking black guy came to me and my friend and started chit-chating. My friend and I just thought he was one of the crazy cool people in the street who liked to socialize with people. But, after he talked for about five minutes, it turned out he just wanted our money.
Not long after that, I was downtown again, and this black guy followed me into a restuarant and tried to sell me a dirty old pair of shoes for five dollars.
A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting outside my apartment, and this black guy came down the hill. He saw me sitting there smoking a cigarette. When he looked at me I said,"hi". Then he walked over to me and said,"what are you drinking." As he asked me, he just took me drink out of my hand and gulped the rest of my liquor. Then he bumbed a cigarette and left.
One day not long ago, I was driving through town, and I had my car window down. There was this black woman walking down the street. As I drove past her, she yelled something to me about how she had just smoked a bunch of crack. It was really weird.
When I was in the 11th grade, my friend and I were driving through some neighborhood in Chattanooga that we didn't know. We pulled around a corner, and there was this car parked right in the middle of the road. Four black guys got out and just started shooting at this house. We backed up and both had a panic attack.
When I was in high school and working at Red Lobster, this black guy that was a cook tried to strangle me because I had sat his girlfriend a late table. She was a server and I was a host. He put his hands around my neck and pushed me across the lobby of the restuarant.
I have never experienced white people do these kinds of things, not Mexicans or Asians either.
But, I know that black people were brought to this country against their will, and that makes a big differnce. When Mexicans or Asians come to America, they are making a choice to come, and upon arrival they are more likely to try to fit in with American cultureor at least act civilized.
All I want to way is that white people are scared of black people because of what white people see from them. I don't know how to fix the problem. There are just way too many uncultured black people. It's not all the black people's fault. You know, I really hate the people who brought the black slaves to America. I bet they never thought their plan would back fire. It did. I wouldn't care if all of Africa wanted to immigrate to the US, just as long as they weren't brought as slaves. If Africans come of their free will, they aren't pissed, well at least not until they see the former slave populations.
Anyway, this is why many white people don't want to live or work with black people. White people are scared. White people don't want to keep black people down though. White people wish that more black people were cultured so that there wouldn't be racial tension. Many white people just aren't concerned enough to take the steps to elliminate racial inequality beacause it is easier for white people to just move into subdivions. I'm just rambling now, so I'll stop...It's to late to make sense..

søndag, januar 22, 2006 12:25:00 a.m.

Anonymous ZD said...

I wrote the above blurb....I just wanted to say that I think that black people are no better or worse than whites. Wanted to make that clear- It's all just a bunch of really bad politics, many years of bad politics.

søndag, januar 22, 2006 12:41:00 a.m.

Anonymous Anonym said...

one more thing...I have generalized white people...I speak for myself...

søndag, januar 22, 2006 12:45:00 a.m.

Anonymous ZD said...

my post needs some clarifications...just wanted to admit that...I have good intentions....

I'm probably one of those white people you are writing about...I don't know

søndag, januar 22, 2006 12:45:00 a.m.

Anonymous Anonym said...


søndag, februar 19, 2006 6:19:00 p.m.

Blogger Joel said...

i know i'm a year late, but your post was awesome. now i have a new term for all the crazy white people in san francisco i live and work with!

fredag, mars 03, 2006 4:39:00 p.m.

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Anonymous The Man said...

Nice Try!

Most whites don't give a crap about the black experience or whatever perceived victimhood this TWP rant is supposed to represent.

And although this thinly disguised racist bent appears to come off as a bad attempt at humor, the fact is, on just about any day you choose you will find more evidence of TBP than this concocted notion of TWP.

(Roll the Michael Richards video)

That little imbroglio and the subsequent response from the so called "victims" and leaders in the black community is immensely revealing about the state of affairs in the Af-Am commuinity.

Foruntately a number of us remain impervious to the indisidiousness nature of this sort of foolishness. Yet we still hold out hope that eventually folks shed this romanticized version of Af-Am victimology and join the real world.

torsdag, november 30, 2006 4:20:00 p.m.

Anonymous Anonym said...

Hey anonymous:

You are a TWP, by definition. Tell me, oh nervous one: Who was Charles Manson? Who was John Wayne Gaycee? Who is BTK? Who was Hitler? Who killed Bill Cosby's son? Who blew up the center in Oklahoma City? What race were the crazy Columbine killers? Enron criminals? The drunk at the corner today professing on an old dirty cardbord, "will work for food"? The KKK? What color are the ones that are responsible for AIDS crossing over to humans? I'll answer those questions! It's easy. They're all WHITE!! So anonymous, please awaken and realize that your experiences have more to do with you being pusillanimous, not race. Honestly believing that whites have reason to fear blacks due to a few door-mattish incidents defies logic. You are right to be afraid, but not because of one or two bums---they are actually pretty innocuous. The only way someone could have so frequent encounters with such scum is that they too must be scum, living in areas frequented by such. Meanwhile, history dictates that it is actually blacks who truly should be afraid of violence from whites.

And you, "the man" (purposely uncapitalized), are a TWP and an AWP. Your general tone and your "concocted notions" just show that you are wearing your touchiness and anger on your sleeve. It's so funny. You, my dear, are the angriest on this post. Cool off. Maybe a black person stole your position at the office, or you're still reeling with the news that the Chess Grandmaster is happily as black as the bottom of your shoe. Or, maybe it's an old tick up your ass named O.J. Go ahead, fry with anger. Meanwhile, as you fry, we'll keep making strides. Your anger only validates your apprehension of our approach. Like it or not, from the throes of oppression, emerging are the black doctors, surgeons, CEO's, lawyers, congressmen, accountants, stockbrokers, entrepreneurs, millionaires, billionaires...the list goes on. Despite the seething anger and disappointment of racist white folks like yourself, the accomplishments of blacks are steadily forthcoming. Get used to it. And Jesus, get something for that anger of yours. It really doesn't look good on your white face.

tirsdag, januar 09, 2007 5:49:00 p.m.

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onsdag, februar 14, 2007 3:27:00 a.m.

Anonymous J. J. said...

Who were the black panthers? Who are those damn crazy NOIs?

What's with this who was Hitler shit? Lots of white people died fighting him. You seem to forget something; white people kill their own who they think step out of line. I've seen that shit in action before, and it can be downright scary. You think white people are mean to you? They're meaner to each other. The same people that wave and smile to you will beat their children to make a point. That's because white people think that sort of thing is very very important. That's the core of white culture. That's why you had those crazy white philosophers spend their lives writing thousands of pages on universal rational morality back before there was a united states to ship slaves to, and black people were associated with being slavers as much as they were with being slaves.

Look, if white people cared about morality about as much as you do, you would be slaves right now, because white people had a window of opportunity to rule the entire world, and it is through their benevolence that you have any of the rights and freedoms you have today. That's hard shit to swallow, but it is the damn truth. Stop talking shit.

Oh, and here is the real ball buster.

I'm black; I'm just not stupid like most of you anti-white racist motherfuckers.

torsdag, mai 10, 2007 1:26:00 a.m.

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Blogger Jessica said...

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